Mona Gucci Supports Strongman in Fashion Feud with Firestick

Russell Nketiah Tannor


Mona Gucci Supports Strongman in Fashion Feud with Firestick

Mona Gucci, a famous Ghanaian TV presenter, lawyer, and brand ambassador, has expressed her support for rapper Strongman after he lashed out at style influencer Firestick for his harsh comments on the fashion choices of Ghanaian artistes. 

Firestick, who is also a former boxer and a vlogger, has been known for his controversial opinions on the fashion trends and styles of celebrities, especially musicians. He often posts videos on his YouTube channel, where he critiques and mocks the outfits and accessories of various artistes. 

One of his recent targets was Strongman, who is widely regarded as one of the best rappers in Ghana. Firestick criticized Strongman's appearance and clothing in his music videos and live performances, calling him "a strongman in the ring but a weakling in fashion". He also accused him of copying the style of other rappers and not having his own identity.

Strongman did not take kindly to Firestick's remarks and responded with a series of tweets, where he called him "a failed boxer" and "a fashion disaster". He also challenged him to a boxing match, saying that he would teach him a lesson in both rap and boxing. He added that Firestick had no right to judge people's fashion choices when he himself had no sense of style or originality.

Mona Gucci, who is also a friend and a fan of Strongman, took to her Instagram page to applaud him for standing up to Firestick. She said that Firestick was a bully who had no respect for people's creativity and individuality. She also praised Strongman for his talent and his achievements in the music industry. She wrote:

"I am so proud of you @strongmanburner for confronting this bully @firestickstyle who thinks he can say whatever he wants about people's fashion choices. You are an amazing rapper and a wonderful person who deserves respect and admiration. Don't let anyone dim your shine or make you feel less than you are. You have your own style and your own voice that makes you unique and special. Keep doing what you do best and ignore the haters. You have my full support and love always."

The post received thousands of likes and comments from Mona Gucci's followers, who also expressed their agreement and solidarity with Strongman. Many of them also criticized Firestick for his rude and insensitive behavior and urged him to stop spreading negativity and hate.

Firestick has not yet responded to Strongman or Mona Gucci's posts, but he has continued to upload more videos on his YouTube channel, where he reviews the fashion trends of other celebrities. It remains to be seen whether he will apologize or escalate the feud with Strongman.

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