The Shocking Truth About Steve Harvey’s Divorce

Russell Nketiah Tannor

Steve Harvey's Wife  Marjorie has filed for divorce through her lawyers and is demanding a whopping $200 million from Steve's fortune

Steve Harvey, the famous comedian and television host, is facing a divorce from his wife Marjorie Harvey after she was caught cheating on him with their bodyguard and chef. Marjorie has filed for divorce through her lawyers and is demanding a whopping $200 million from Steve's fortune.

Who is Marjorie Harvey?

Marjorie Harvey is a well-known figure in the world of fashion, entertainment, and philanthropy. She is recognized for her marriage to Steve Harvey, as well as for her own endeavours in various fields. Here are some facts about her:

- She is renowned for her impeccable fashion sense and style. She is often seen wearing elegant and fashionable outfits at various events.

- She is married to Steve Harvey since 2007. Their relationship has been a subject of interest and attention, with both of them often sharing glimpses of their life together on social media.

- She has children from previous marriages, and together with Steve, they have formed a blended family. They have been open about their experiences in navigating the complexities of blending families and have shared insights into their approach to parenting.

- She has been involved in philanthropic efforts. She has supported various charitable causes and has participated in events and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community.

- She has also taken on the role of an inspirational speaker, sharing insights and advice on topics such as personal growth, empowerment, and relationships.

Why is Marjorie Harvey divorcing Steve Harvey?

According to reports, Marjorie Harvey has been found guilty of cheating on Steve Harvey with their bodyguard and chef. The affair was allegedly exposed by a private investigator hired by Steve, who found evidence of Marjorie's infidelity.

Marjorie has filed for divorce through her lawyers and is demanding half of Steve's net worth, which is estimated to be around $400 million. She claims that she deserves the money for her contribution to Steve's career and success.

Steve Harvey has notified his lawyers to take up the matter and make sure that Marjorie loses at the late court to safeguard his fortune. He is reportedly devastated by the betrayal and is determined to fight for his assets.

What are the implications of the divorce?

The divorce between Steve and Marjorie Harvey is likely to have significant implications for both parties, as well as for their fans and followers. Some of the possible outcomes are:

- The divorce could affect Steve's reputation and popularity as a comedian and television host. He could lose some of his audience and sponsors who might be disappointed by his personal life.

- The divorce could also impact Marjorie's image and influence as a fashion icon and philanthropist. She could face backlash and criticism from the public who might question her integrity and motives.

- The divorce could also affect their children and family members who might be caught in the middle of the conflict. They could face emotional stress and trauma from the separation and the media attention.

- The divorce could also lead to legal battles and disputes over their assets and properties. They could spend a lot of time and money in court proceedings and negotiations.

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