How to Apply for Ag-EmpowABILITY Coordinator Job in Ghana

Russell Nketiah Tannor


How to Apply for Coordinator, Ag-EmpowABILITY (Youth with Disability in Agribusiness) Job in Ghana

Are you passionate about empowering youth with disability to pursue agribusiness opportunities? Do you have experience in managing projects related to disability inclusion and advocacy? If yes, then you might be interested in this exciting opportunity!

Coordinator, Ag-EmpowABILITY (Youth with Disability in Agribusiness)

Job background

AGRI-IMPACT Limited (AIL) is one of the leading international agribusiness development firms with a rich experience in agricultural and agro-industrial consultancy services, Agri-project design and implementation, Agri-SME development, value chains, Agri-finance facilitation, Youth Entrepreneurship and Agri-technology commercialization. Established in 2003, AIL offers unparalleled agribusiness solutions to agricultural challenges in Sub Sahara Africa providing distinctive agri‐business services and cutting-edge solutions to its clients to enhance productivity, increase profitability and improve their competitive edge in the agro-industry. It has worked with national and multinational companies across Africa, implemented multi-stakeholder projects and consultancies funded by national and international institutions in over 30 countries impacting on over 300,000 smallholder farmers and value chain actors.

Agri-Impact Limited is leading a multi-partner consortium to implement a 4-year agriculture /agribusiness initiative christened Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth (HAPPY). The inclusive multi-disciplinary interventions to be rolled out is expected to drive shared prosperity in Ghana by creating, sustaining, or improving 320,000 dignified and fulfilling work opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth (70% women) and differently abled persons in selected communities across 10 regions. The project targets to increase production and productivity of rice, soyabean and tomatoes by 250,000MT and poultry by 13,000MT in four years generating over $300 million annually after 2028.

HAPPY is ambitious and transformational in its focus on attracting and capacitating the unemployed and disadvantaged youth into agriculture not only to help speed up the rate of growth in the targeted value chains, but also contribute meaningfully to the problem of youth unemployment and poverty relief for their households and communities. HAPPY will focus on improvement in primary and secondary value addition, enterprise and business development services, SME support, sustained market access, job facilitation and placement. The project will leverage technology and climate smart adaptation strategies and ensure inclusive utilisation.

Job summary

Under the HAPPY Project, Agri-Impact and its Implementing Partners will roll-out a programme dubbed Ag-EmpowABILITY aimed at providing enterprise development support, employment opportunities and prosperity for Youth with Disability in agribusiness. The Coordinator will facilitate disability related issues on an inclusive multi-partner consortium implementation of a 4-year "Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity (HAPPY)" project that aims to increase agricultural productivity, value addition and create 320,000 jobs for youth and women along 4 agricultural value chain in Ghana.

He/She will facilitate recruitment and mobilisation of youth with disability; support implementing partners to adopt inclusive features and roll-out agri- enterprises for selected youth with disability and work closely with the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations, Implementing Partners and relevant stakeholders to ensure inclusion of persons with different abilities in the selected value chains.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Collaborate with Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations to facilitate recruitment and mobilisation of Youth with Disability in project zones.
  • Support Implementing Partners to adopt inclusion features in project implementation.
  • Work with Disability Inclusion facilitators of GFD to provide training to participating youth.
  • Provide technical support to project Implementing Partners to roll-out enterprises for selected youth with disabilities.
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to identify the specific needs and challenges faced by Differently Abled Persons (DAPs) in the community.
  • Monitor project progress, track milestones, and evaluate outcomes to ensure the successful achievement of Ag-EmpowABILITY.
  • Develop and maintain strong partnerships with relevant government agencies, NGOs, and Differently Abled Persons (DAPs) advocacy groups to leverage resources and support for the project.
  • Organize and facilitate training workshops, awareness campaigns, and community engagement activities to promote disability rights and inclusion.
  • Ensure compliance with project policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare regular progress reports, documenting achievements, challenges, and lessons learnt.

Required skills or experience

  • MSc. or BSc. in Disability and Rehabilitation, Social Work/Studies, or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in managing projects related to Differently Abled Persons (DAPs).
  • Strong knowledge of DAP occupational issues in Ghana.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including Differently Abled individuals and their families.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and reporting, with experience using relevant software and tools.

How to apply

Candidates should submit application and CV to [email protected] and copy [email protected]. Use the job position as “subject” of email.

Use your full name as the filename of your CV (e.g., Name-CV) and same for the application letter (e.g., Name-Letter).

Job type: Full Time Contract
Application Deadline: Fri, 29 Sep 2023


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