Man Pets His Ram Like Human Being, Brushes Its Teeth and Gives Tea and Bread | Viral Video

Russell Nketiah Tannor
Man Pets His Ram Like Human Being, Brushes Its Teeth and Gives Tea and Bread | Viral Video

Watch this hilarious video of a man who treats his ram like a human being. He brushes its teeth, showers it with soap and water, and feeds it tea and bread. See how the ram enjoys the pampering and reacts to the human food.

 A video of a man treating his ram like a human being has gone viral on social media. The man is seen petting the ram, brushing its teeth and feeding it tea and bread. Many people have reacted to the video with amusement and admiration.

The video was posted by a TikTok user named Play Boi, who seems to have a very close bond with his ram. In the video, he first brushes the ram's teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste. He then showers the ram with soap and water before proceeding to feed it. The amazing thing is that he feeds the ram with tea and bread, and the ram gladly munches and drinks like a human.

The video has received over 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments on TikTok. Some users praised Play Boi for his love and care for his ram, while others joked that he was pampering his future suya (a Nigerian grilled meat dish). Some users also wondered if the ram was his girlfriend in disguise.

The video was also shared by, a Nigerian online news platform, where it garnered more reactions from netizens. Some users said that the ram was cleaner than some girls, while others asked if the ram also drank tea. Some users also expressed concern about the health implications of feeding a ram with human food.

According to Animal Corner, rams are male sheep that are usually kept for breeding purposes. They are herbivorous animals that feed on grass, hay, grains and other plant materials. They have four-chambered stomachs that help them digest their food. They also have horns that they use for fighting and defending themselves.

Rams are usually not kept as pets, as they can be aggressive and territorial. However, some people may form a bond with their rams and treat them like family members. This seems to be the case with Play Boi and his ram, who share a lot of love and affection.

What do you think of this video? Do you think Play Boi is treating his ram well or not? Let us know in the comments section below!

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