Becca's Skin Bleaching: Did She Do It For Her Husband or Fame?

Russell Nketiah Tannor
Becca's Skin Bleaching: Did She Do It For Her Husband or Fame?

 Becca, a Ghanaian musician, has been accused of bleaching her skin to please her Nigerian husband, Tobi Sanni, or to cope with the entertainment industry. Read this article to find out the truth behind her controversial decision.

Did Becca bleach her skin to please her Nigerian husband?

Ghanaian singer Becca has been trending on social media for the wrong reasons. A recent photo of her has sparked outrage and criticism from her fans and followers, who accused her of bleaching her skin to an extreme level.

The photo, which was shared by an Instagram blogger, shows Becca looking pale and white, with a dry and patchy face. Her skin tone is noticeably different from her previous photos, where she had a dark and glowing complexion.

Many people have blamed her Nigerian husband, Daniel Tobi Sanni, for influencing her decision to bleach her skin. They claimed that Becca is trying to fit into his preferences and standards of beauty, which are based on the misconception that Nigerians love light-skinned women.

However, some of her loyal fans have defended her, saying that she has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. They also argued that the photo might have been edited or filtered to make her look worse than she really is.

Becca has not yet responded to the allegations or confirmed if she has indeed bleached her skin. She married her Nigerian husband in 2018, in a lavish ceremony that was attended by celebrities from both countries. The couple has a daughter together, who was born in 2019.

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